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Nov, 2022



Regulation Time

  • The rules are the same as the regular season, unless otherwise indicated.

  • Playtime Requirements: U8-U12 - Every player plays a minimum of 3/4 game (unless roster size dictates otherwise) and goalkeepers play no more than 1/2 of the game as a goalkeeper. The 3/4 play time is accomplished during regulation time.  In overtime, a player may not sit out for both of the OT periods.

    • Referee/ARs will note subs on line-up cards, and if they notice a player is sitting a second time it should be brought to the coach’s attention by the AR so that the coach can correct the situation and not sit the player a second time, unless roster size dictates 1 player to sit twice.

    • Referee/ARs should note line-up cards if player leaves early or becomes sick or injured.

    • Coach should confirm subs with Referee/ARs at each quarter to ensure the accuracy of the substitutions on the game card.

    • It is not the Referee’s responsibility to enforce the policy for 3/4 play (1/2 for keepers). However, they are encouraged to assist coaches to remember the policy. The Regional board will decide how to handle any violations of this policy, and they will strongly consider the line-up cards kept by the Referees.  Violation of the ¾ play rule may result in a forfeit by a team in non-compliance.



U10-U14 Overtime Periods

  • In the event of a tie after regulation time, two 5-minute overtime periods will be played with the teams changing sides after the first overtime period. The restart for each 5-minute overtime period will be a kickoff. Both overtime periods must be played. NO GOLDEN GOAL!

  • Coin toss winner at the start of the first OT period will choose between kickoff and which side to attack for the first OT period. 

  • Substitution rules during overtime shall be the same as the substitution rules used during regulation play (i.e., no player may sit out both overtime periods, except for injury or illness)

  • Should no winner be declared after the completion of the 2nd overtime period, the teams shall proceed to Kicks from the Mark (aka KFTM):

Kicks From The Mark

  • The referee shall choose the goal at which the kicks shall be taken.

  • Winner of the coin toss will decide which team takes the first kick.

  • Only players on the field at the end of the 2nd OT will be eligible to take kicks.

  • The coach will designate those 5 players from the players on the field to take a kick and the order. The coach shall notify the AR. The kicks will begin with each team taking a shot on an alternating basis for 5 kicks each team, or until one team scores enough such that the other team cannot tie or exceed the number of goals with its remaining kicks. 

  • During kicks from the mark, if no winner is determined after the first 5 kicks for each team, the kicks proceed on a 1-v-1 “Sudden Death” basis until there is a winner. No player kicks twice until all players on the field have gone through once. 

  • Teams may be permitted to change goalkeepers (but only from a player that was on the field in the final overtime period) at any time during the shootout, provided the Referee is notified. An injured goalkeeper may be replaced with a player from the bench.

  • Only players on the field during the last OT Period are allowed to take kicks. Substitutes cannot participate.

    • Please keep spectators off the field and away from behind the goal - only players that will be taking kicks will be allowed in the center circle - along with their Coach and Assistant Coach only

Referee Reminders/Tips For Managing Kicks From The Mark

  • Any player can be a goalkeeper, and teams may switch out the keeper to any player on the field in between kicks.

    • Have each team provide 5 players to take a kick (keeper can be included).

    • Have those players meet in the center circle.

    • One AR should handle sending in the players to kick one at a time, alternating between the teams. The AR in the center circle should also keep track of the player order, in case of a tie at the end of 5 kicks.

  • The other AR should be on the goal line at the edge of the Goal Area to watch that the keeper doesn't come off the line early, and to make sure that the ball completely crosses the goal line.

    • AR should keep their flag in their field side hand so they can raise it if there are any issues (i.e., goalkeeper steps forward before the ball is kicked and stops the goal - raise flag to indicate re-kick).

    • The opposing goalkeeper can stand behind this AR while their team takes a shot and must remain silent and show good sportsmanship.

  • As the kicker walks from the Center circle, the Referee should stand facing the AR at the top of the penalty area. MAKE IT VERY FORMAL

    • Hand the ball to the kicker and allow him/her to place the ball on the mark.

    • Instruct the kicker to wait for the whistle before he/she kicks.

    • Confirm the keeper is ready - give your whistle a good solid blast!

    • Make sure you keep track of the score!

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