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Game Instructions - Referee

 Game Instructions to Referees:

  1. Arrive 30 minutes early
  2. Inspect field (especially goals) for safety hazards. (Use zip-ties if applicable)
  3. Meet coaches, inspect teams, and get game cards
  4. Pre-game instructions to Ars
  5. Conduct coin toss (if applicable)
  6. Check with ARs that teams are ready
  7. Half-time review with ARs
  8. Supervise teams post-game handshake
  9. Complete game card
  10. Report any offenses (Yellow or Red) to Matchtrak (if applicable)

 Referee Game Positioning

  • Should be within about 10 yards of play (using a bungee cord approach). This will require running
  • at varying speeds to effectively do this.
  • Bracket play between you and your Assistant Referees whenever possible

 Law 12: Fouls & Misconduct Simplified

 Direct Free Kick Fouls

  1. Kicks an opponent or attempt*
  2. Trips an opponent or attempt*
  3. Jumps at an opponent*
  4. Charges an opponent*
  5. Strikes an opponent or attempt*
  6. Pushes an opponent
  7. Tackles an opponent
  8. Holds an opponent
  9. Spits at an opponent
  10. Handles ball deliberately
  11. *if careless, reckless or using excessive force

 Indirect Free Kick Fouls

  1. Preventing the GK from releasing ball into play
  2. Dangerous play
  3. Impeding an opponent (No contact*)
  4. GK controls ball with hands when kicked directly
  5. from teammate
  6. GK exceeds 6 second possession
  7. GK plays ball twice w/hands
  8. GK uses hands directly from throw-in
  9. by teammate

 Indirect Free Kick is also given for misconduct for which play is stopped without
 a direct free kick foul being committed 

For a complete in-depth explanation of Law 12 Fouls and Misconducts please consult
the Laws of the game which can be found here:
also please review Summary of Changes, click here for a downloadable PDF. 

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