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Law 12: Fouls and Misconducts

 Law 12: Fouls & Misconduct Simplified

 Direct Free Kick Fouls

  1. Kicks an opponent or attempt*
  2. Trips an opponent or attempt*
  3. Jumps at an opponent*
  4. Charges an opponent*
  5. Strikes an opponent or attempt*
  6. Pushes an opponent
  7. Tackles an opponent
  8. Holds an opponent
  9. Spits at an opponent
  10. Handles ball deliberately
  11. *if careless, reckless or using excessive force

 Indirect Free Kick Fouls

  1. Preventing the GK from releasing ball into play
  2. Dangerous play
  3. Impeding an opponent (No contact*)
  4. GK controls ball with hands when kicked directly
  5. from teammate
  6. GK exceeds 6 second possession
  7. GK plays ball twice w/hands
  8. GK uses hands directly from throw-in
  9. by teammate

  Indirect Free Kick is also given for misconduct for which play is stopped without
  a direct free kick foul being committed 

Reasons for a Caution:  

  1. Persistent infringement of the Laws of the Game
  2. Unsporting behavior
  3. Dissent by word or action
  4. Delaying restart of play
  5. Leaving field without permission
  6. Entering/reentering the field without permission
  7. failure to respect required Distance on Free kick,
    Corner kick or throw-in

Reasons for a Send-Off

  1. Serious foul play
  2. Violent conduct
  3. Spits at any person
  4. Denies obvious goal scoring opportunity by handing ball
  5. (other then goalkeeper in own penalty area)
  6. Denies obvious goal scoring opportunity by committing
  7. any offence punishable by a free kick (or PK)
  8. Uses Offensive, Insulting, Abusive language or Gesture.
  9. Second caution in same game.
For a complete in-depth explanation of Law 12 Fouls and Misconducts please consult
the Laws of the game which can be found here:
also please review Summary of Changes, click here for a downloadable PDF.


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