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May, 2023

Sustainable Wellness: Tips for Practicing Healthy Habits

Photo Credit: Ashley Williams via Pexels

Sustainable Wellness: Tips for Practicing Healthy Habits

Living a healthy life is a goal that many people aspire to achieve. However, maintaining healthy habits year after year can be challenging. In today's busy world, people tend to overlook their health and push it down their priority lists. This can lead to stress, anxiety, and other health complications in the long run. But, with a few healthy habit tweaks, you can achieve sustainable wellness, and feel great about yourself.


This blog post from the American Youth Soccer Organization explores some tips for practicing healthy habits for sustainable wellness.

Focus on Quality Sleep

Sleep is one of the most essential parts of achieving sustainable wellness. You should aim to get 7–8 hours of quality sleep every night. To improve the quality of your sleep, make sure to practice good sleep hygiene like keeping your bedroom cool, dark, and quiet. Avoid using gadgets before bed, and try to maintain regular sleep and wake-up time.

Take Time to Relax

Chronic stress is a major factor for many chronic diseases. It's essential to take some time out of your busy schedule and relax, to improve your mental health. You can try different relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation, or breathing exercises. Meditation also trains you to live in the present moment, which keeps you from focusing on to do lists and deadlines that often cause anxiety. You can start by lying flat and still in a quiet place, relaxing your body, and simply focusing inward.

Try to Add More Walking into Your Day

Walking is an excellent form of physical activity that doesn't require any special equipment. Try to walk more throughout the day, take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk to the grocery store, or take a stroll after dinner. Even small bursts of physical activity can yield big benefits for your health.

Focus on Health Over Appearance

Many people look up to celebrities for inspiration when it comes to developing healthy habits. While body size and shape do not define health, it can be interesting to know the height of some of our favorite stars. HowTallHeight reveals that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is 6'5" tall. And Reese Witherspoon is only 5'1"! It's important to remember that healthy habits come in all shapes and sizes, and focusing solely on physical appearance can be harmful. Instead, let's strive for overall health and wellness, regardless of our height or the height of those we admire.

Stay Organized

Staying organized is one of the best habits for leading a healthy life. Organization can help reduce stress and keep track of commitments, goals, and tasks. It is important to create routines that work for you and your lifestyle, such as setting aside time each day for planning, filing paperwork, and making sure everything has its place. Establishing these habits will help you stay on top of things and make it easier to be proactive about your health and wellbeing.

Organize Your Paperwork into One File

Organizing paperwork into one file and using a PDF compressor can help make them easier to manage. Reducing the PDF's size means you can store more in the same amount of space. If the files you are working with are not oriented correctly, you can easily correct that issue. In order to rotate a PDF, just add the file to the drop zone and click on the appropriate rotation arrow.


Once you are finished modifying your files, make sure your important information is kept safe by compressing and encrypting them. Compressing the files can also mean emailing documents is easier, helping you get your documents where they need to be faster.

Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking plenty of water is essential for overall health and well-being. It helps keep the body functioning properly by flushing toxins from the body, regulating temperature and aiding digestion. It's recommended that adults drink between six to eight glasses of water per day, but this can vary depending on age, activity level and environmental factors. Making sure to stay hydrated can help improve energy levels, and skin health and boost your immune system.

Avoid Processed Foods

Processed foods are often loaded with unhealthy additives, preservatives, and added sugars. It's essential to avoid processed foods and incorporate more whole foods into your diet, like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats.

Make Exercise a Priority

Regular physical activity can help you maintain a healthy weight, boost your metabolism, and reduce your risk of chronic diseases. Try to make exercise a priority in your daily routine. You can try different workouts like strength training, aerobics, or high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

Soccer is a great way to get in shape while having fun. Plus, you’ll learn how to work successfully as a team! If you have kids in your life who are looking for ways to get active, consider having them join the American Youth Soccer Organization!

Adopt Sustainable Healthy Habits

Incorporating healthy habits into your daily routine can be challenging, as it requires discipline and motivation. But, practicing these healthy habits can significantly improve your overall health and wellness. Start with small lifestyle changes, like drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep, and taking time to relax. Over time, these healthy habits will become a part of your daily routine, and you'll start to feel the benefits. Remember, sustainable wellness is a journey, not a destination, so keep at it!


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