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111 Park Ave Aliso Viejo California United States 92656

(Last updated 08/26/23 at 10:56 AM )

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Foxborough Park

27101 Foxborough Aliso Viejo California United States 92656

(Last updated 08/26/23 at 10:56 AM )

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23431 Knollwood Aliso Viejo California United States 92656

(Last updated 08/26/23 at 10:56 AM )

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25354 Eastwing Aliso Viejo California United States 92656

(Last updated 08/26/23 at 10:56 AM )

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Lower Argonaut

Argonaut Aliso Viejo California United States 92656

Not part of Spring 2023 Program

(Last updated 08/26/23 at 10:56 AM )

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Fields Information

AVCA User Agreement

We use parks owned and operated by the Aliso Viejo Community Association (AVCA).  We do our best to stagger our game schedule to ease parking congestion. Foxborough, AVCP and Ridgecrest are the only parks that we use that have permanent restrooms. All other parks have portable toilets.

 AYSO Mud line - 949 243 7410
During our fall and spring seasons, Region 889 has agreements with AVCA for field usage.  Only AYSO teams and registered players are allowed to use the fields during this time.  Members of the public may also use the fields; however, other youth sports teams and organizations may not use these fields as specified in our user agreement.   Please visit AVCA's website for further information:

Please read our No DOGS Policy regarding dogs and soccer.

Weather Policies

The safety of our players and their families are of paramount importance to AYSO. Although our weather policies may seem over-cautious to some, they are in-place for the safety and protection of everyone!


Since AYSO games are not generally made up due to cancellations due to weather, AYSO games are typically held during "gentle" rain events. Other factors such as Soggy Fields or Nearby Lightning may force a cancellation but games are otherwise played in the rain.

Although parents may not want to sit in the rain to watch a game, please honor the time commitment of the Coaches, Referees and other team players by getting your player(s) to the fields on time for their game. At the conclusion of the game, players may be wet and muddy which doesn't help vehicle interiors. To help protect interiors, bring a pair of plastic grocery bags for the player to wear over muddy shoes and/or a poncho for your player to sit in during the ride home! Umbrellas and a towel to sit on for the parents will also help make the game more enjoyable.

If it is raining the day of your game or the day prior to your game, please check Matchtrak to determine if your designated field is open for play or has been closed due to the conditions.  If the field is closed, your game has been cancelled. Always consult with your coach to verify that your game has been cancelled as well.

Standing Water/Soggy Fields

After periods of extended rain, the fields in Ladera Ranch may become saturated or even super-saturated resulting in standing water within various locations at the complex. Since standing water can result in awkward footing and/or slippery conditions that might result in player/parent injury, soggy field conditions pose a safety risk.  Additionally, since grassis easily torn when soggy field conditions are present (requiring additional and expensive spot maintenance), games are generally canceled until soggy fields have had a chance to drain.  Show up to the field if you have not seen a cancellation.


One of the most significant and immediate weather-related dangers to our players is that from lightning strikes. Since lightning can strike relatively anywhere and from great distances of up to 10 miles, AYSO exercises extreme caution when lightning and/or thunder is detected in the area. When games and practices are suspended/canceled due to lightning, the following must occur:

  1. ALL players, coaches, referees and family members must immediately vacate the field and side-line premises and seek shelter in either of:
    • a vehicle (recommended), or,
    • the severe weather shelter (i.e. bathroom facilities) at the Soccer Complex Pavilion
  2. NOTE: Since lightning is attracted to tall objects (such as trees) and easily transmits through metal (such as bleachers), do not seek shelter under a nearby tree nor near a bleacher! It's not worth it!
  3. Games/practices may resume after at least 30-minutes have passed since a lightning strike or the sound of thunder. AYSO staff members will sound the "all-clear" signal in such situations and play will resume as designated by the game referee. As such, parents are encouraged to keep their players safe until the regular conclusion-time of the game.


Games are played when it's hot, subject to the discretion of the Referee or other AYSO official.  We always support a parent's decision to keep their player from playing if they determine it is not safe for their child to play.  Like all physical exertion activities, players are encouraged to bring proper hydrating fluids with them to all games and practices!  We encourage coaches to take extra breaks and lower the intensity for the players during practice also.


Although AYSO games don't generally get canceled due to cold temperatures, please dress accordingly for current and changing weather conditions.


As was mentioned above all AYSO 889 fields are parks owned and operated by the Aliso Viejo Community Association (AVCA) you may call the AVCA
mud line 949-253-7410 for up to date field conditions. Please keep in the mind the following:

1) The AVCA Mudline should only be used to find out if the fields are shut down for practice. NOT FOR GAMES

2) If we get enough rain on Friday and AVCA closes our fields for the weekend then WE (AYSO 889 Board) will email all our coaches!

3) If we don't get enough rain and AVCA doesn't close our fields then they will leave it to US (AYSO 889 Board) to decide if fields are
    closed during the weekend. Perry Sugihara has been the one to decide this in past seasons.

4) Parents/coaches should assume games are ON unless we tell them otherwise. Never assume otherwise.  We had far too many coaches tell their parents there is no game when we had a little rain.

5) Games will be played in rain unless it's REALLY raining and causing mud puddles OR the referee determines its not safe.

You may also click on the AYSO Area 11L website to determine field conditions not provided by the AYSO Mudline. Click for Fields Link


We have provided printable information for you to consult regarding the Aliso Viejo area parks and soccer location.  Please click the following link for a park map: click link.  


 Please contact Perry Sugihara if you have any questions pertaining to our fields and our permits:  [email protected].


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